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The 2011 Illinois Football League Divisions

September 4, 2011 1 comment

With the draft complete, there is only one thing left to do before the IFL season gets underway; find out who is playing who.  And that can’t be done until you determine what divisions teams are in.  That is now know, after the completion of tonight’s draw for divisions.

There were no rules restricting who went where in the draw.  The growth of the league from 14 to 16 teams meant there could be four divisions instead of two this season.  With that, here is how the draw for the divisions ended up:

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2011 Illinois Football League Primer

September 1, 2011 1 comment

One week from today, professional football will be back.  That means fantasy football is just on the horizon as well, so it’s time to run down the basics of the 2011 Illinois Football League season.

If you haven’t done so yet, you have until Saturday at 11:59 P.M. to claim a keeper player.  You do not have to keep a player this year, but if you do, here’s how you do it:

  • Go to the archive page from last season.  Then click on ‘Final Rosters’ and select your team, if it didn’t pop up already.  There you can find players that you can keep.
  • You can only keep ONE player from your roster from last season.  You can change it any time before the deadline, but the player you have chosen at the time of the deadline will be the one you keep.
  • The player you keep will be selected in the round that corresponds to the latest Yahoo! ranking, according to their Draft Kit, no later than Saturday at 11:59 P.M.  That player will be the selection that matches up with their ranking on the cheat sheet.  For example, a player that is ranked 43rd will be a 3rd round selection.

The draft for the league is scheduled for Sunday, September 4th, at 7:00 P.M. CDT.  Here is a list of the draft order for the 16 teams, followed by their keeper player selection if they have one:

  1. DaBearColts – Drew Brees, QB
  2. 2001 Redskins
  3. Niemi No No – Jamaal Charles, RB
  4. Muses Academy Muses – Antonio Gates, TE
  5. Tim TebOwned – Reggie Wayne, WR
  6. Most Daring – Adrian Peterson, RB
  7. ItsonlikeNdamukong – Aaron Rodgers, QB
  8. Sparland Hilltoppers
  9. The Brady Bunch – Tom Brady, QB
  10. Bad News Bears – Michael Vick, QB
  11. Da Winner – Ray Rice, RB
  12. The Other Side
  13. 4th and Inches
  14. Jay Cutler’s Insulin
  15. hangembangem69
  16. TD’s n’ Beer

The draft will be a snaking draft, which means the order will reverse for every round.  There are 15 rounds to the draft.

The following positions will be the starting positions for the league in 2011; QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, K, DEF.  There will also be 6 bench spots, enough for a backup at each position, and 3 IR positions for injuries.

The schedule will follow a 13-week schedule, followed by a 3-week playoff.  The 16 teams will be split into four divisions (Reagan, Lincoln, Grant, Obama).  The playoffs will consist of the four division champions receiving top seeds, and the best four records after that will be wild card teams.

Although the divisions have not been drawn yet, here is a look at the outline for the schedule for 2011:

For any other details that may have been missed, check out the league’s settings page.

Week 22 Matchups Announced

August 26, 2011 1 comment

Before the season began, it was announced that Week 22, the last week of the Illinois Fantasy Baseball League season, would be a wild card week.  That meant that matchups would be coordinated to make as many matchups as possible matter in the final week of the season.

Well, it’s Friday of Week 21.  So it’s time to announce next week’s matchups.

There was one criteria that was set in place while developing these matchups.  No matchup could have occurred for a third time this year.  That means no inter-division matchups in Week 22, and teams from other divisions that you’ve played twice would not happen for a third time.

The data I used is what the projected standings would be is if the results as of this morning stand.  Now, here’s the matchups, with projected overall standings, as of this morning, next to them:

The 2011 IFB Schedule

March 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Now that the league has drafted, and divisions have been set up, there’s one thing left to go over.  That being the 2011 schedule for the Illinois Fantasy Baseball League.

There’s two ways you can view the schedule.  One way is to view it by team, and the other is by week.  If you’re looking at it on the team view, if you see a match-up in bold, that means it’s a divisional match-up for that week.

Here’s how the schedule broke down:

  • Teams in the same division will play each other twice (6 match-ups)
  • Teams will play one opponent from each of the other three divisions twice, depending on how the division drawn played out (6 match-ups)
  • Teams will play everyone else once (9 match-ups)
  • Week 22’s match-ups will be determined in the future, no later than Thursday of Week 21
  • Pairings for Week 22 will be made in terms of division and playoff races, to create the most exciting and competitive match-ups for the week

As for now, if you look at the week-by-week schedule for the league in Week 22, you will see that there are match-ups.  That’s because something had to be filled in for Yahoo! in order to complete the schedule.  If you look at the team schedules, then you’ll see the correct match-ups…TBA.

Division Setup and WEEK 1 PREVIEW!

March 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Doesn’t it feel good to see that phrase again?  Baseball is just around the corner.

Not only that, it’s earlier this year.  Instead of having Opening Day on a Monday, MLB changed it up this year to have it on a Thursday.  This Thursday to be exact.  What that means for the league is that Week 1 will have a few days tacked on it to, going from March 31st to April 10th.  Adjust accordingly.

With that, here’s a look at the first match-ups of 2011, with division battles in Italics:

  • FernandoVinasGoatee vs. Boo Boo Cubs
  • South Side Cubs Fan vs. Triple Crown
  • Good Wood Gang vs. Most Daring
  • Muse Academy Muses vs. NIU Huskies
  • Quiet TheRiot vs. Bad News Bears
  • Quincy Dirtbags vs. All Balls No Strikes
  • Funky Cold Molina vs. The Chosen People
  • PujolsalwaysCardinal vs. SouthSideSluggers

A few notables about the first match-ups of the season.  The highest finisher from last season and we will call the de-facto defending champion, PujolsalwaysCardinal, starts off with a Grant Division match-up against league newcomer SouthSideSluggers.  The other division match-up this week is also in the Grant, with Funky Cold Molina taking on The Chosen People.

Three other newcomers will get their first taste of IFB play against returning members in Week 1; SouthSideCubsFan will face off against Triple Crown, Good Wood Gang battles Most Daring, and NIU Huskies will take on the Muse Academy Muses.

Other match-ups feature a battle of two playoff teams from last year in Quiet TheRiot and Bad News Bears, Quincy Dirtbags faces off against All Balls No Strikes in a battle of one team who finished second-to-last and the team who lost out on a playoff spot last year due to a tiebreaker, and FernandoVinasGoatee against Boo Boo Cubs in a match-up of returning teams.

And finally, here’s how the divisions will look for 2011:

  • Reagan
    • Fernando Vina’s Goatee
    • South Side Cubs Fan
    • Good Wood Gang
    • Muse Academy Muses
  • Lincoln
    • Boo Boo Cubs
    • Quiet TheRiot
    • Most Daring
    • Quincy Dirtbags
  • Obama
    • Triple Crown
    • Bad News Bears
    • NIU Huskies
    • All Balls No Strikes
  • Grant
    • Funky Cold Molina
    • The Chosen People
    • PujolsalwaysCardinal
    • South Side Slugggers

Opening day and league play starts Thursday.  Full schedule and award details will come out tomorrow.

The 2011 IFB Schedule

March 11, 2011 Leave a comment

While we are waiting for the final team to sign up for the 2011 Illinois Fantasy Baseball season, details of one thing can be released….


Now, right now, the schedule is just in terms of ‘Reagan 1’ and ‘Obama 3’ and stuff like that.  So while it is not known currently what teams will be playing each other in certain weeks, a basic skeleton is in place.

The way the teams will be figured out is this:

  • The 16 teams in the league will be lined up in order that they signed up for the league.
  • 16 poker chips will be placed in a bag, and labeled ‘R1’, ‘R2’, ‘L1’, ‘L2’, etc.
  • If a manager has a preferred division, they must e-mail by March 26th at 3:00 P.M. CDT.
  • A chip will be drawn out of the bag, and the team that is in line for the chip will receive the position on the schedule.  If the team has a preferred division, and the drawn chip does not correspond to that division, then the next team in line will take the position.
  • The draw will take place on March 26th at 7:00 P.M. CDT.

Those are the basic details.  As far as league news goes, once that 16th team is signed-up, I’ll be able to have official details on keeper players and such.  I’m anticipating that the rules may change, but anything can happen.